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Snow & Ice Management Services
G Karl Enterprises Property Maintenance Management


Emergency Snow & Ice Removal - please call 608-381-1518

We CUSTOMIZE our plans and equipment for each lot to guarantee TIMELINESS and EFFICIENCY, when it really matters. Our crews are available 24 hours, 7 days per week throughout the season. Our management staff and supervisors will constantly monitor your location to maintain a snow and ice-free environment.

Our equipment and personnel are available after EVERY SNOWFALL to stack and move snow to maximize the PARKING LOT SPACE and APPEARANCE for our customers. We can have snow piles STACKED, HAULED, and REMOVED within 24 hours of your request with our various pieces of equipment.

De-icing of parking lots is a SCIENCE that is dependent upon many factors including the rate of snowfall, temperature, ice present, parking lot pitch and more. Our EXPERTS have the experience to GUARANTEE an ICE-FREE, AND SAFE environment for our customers.